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Have you fallen out of love with your spouse or are you having the same arguments over and over again, or recovering from an affair? Are you having trouble with your teenagers of children? Are you experiencing anxiety or depression, overcoming an addiction, grieving or recovering from a painful divorce?

Life's challenges can seem like mountains, but you don't have have to face your (or your family's) challenges alone. My passion is to bring hope and healing to the most hopeless of circumstances. I love what I do and I find the greater the challenge, the more rewarding the end result. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I work with couples, individuals, teenagers, young adults, and children and also teach psychology part-time at UNA.

Counseling via Skype is also available if the drive to Florence, AL is too prohibitive. I am a Christian therapist, but I am glad to serve persons of all faiths/spirituality. I accept most insurance plans (check with your provider) and maintain reasonable fees (from $50-$120/session) based on your income if you do not have insurance. In addition to my graduate studies, I have an undergraduate degree from Columbia in NYC.


"My wife and I found Rebecca Stone to be empathetic, competent, insightful, and caring. She always focused on our needs as a couple and as individuals. Rebecca is consistently prepared to offer attainable suggestions/goals for us to practice in between our sessions with her. We feel fortunate to have found her when we did." -Michael and Rachelle, Tuscumbia

"Rebecca displays the perfect amount of intellectual and personable skills when death with patients. Personally speaking off my own experience, she provides her patients with undivided attention, establishes the grounds for open, two-way communication, and as any well trained therapist should, she listens when needed and talks when needed. She is well balanced in her practice and offers unprecedented amounts of support, encouragement, and respect." - Abbie, age 18, Killen

"Rebecca is a very caring and compassionate professional. She is genuinely concerned for her patients' welfare. Rebecca helps set goals that are attainable. Rebecca has helped me and my hubby a great deal. Would highly recommend Rebecca to other patients."

- Pigg in Colbert County

"I send this today to thank you. Thank you for all your effort you put into helping me and my wife. You helped bring me out of a dark place that I had fallen into. I learned the words "I Love You" are so much more than just three words that you tell your wife or husband. The true meaning of LOVE is conveyed by actions. These actions start to make up a pattern of devotion in things that we do for each other every day. It's this pattern of devotion that truly embodies the phrase, "I Love you." -Sam

"Rebecca is very professional. She is caring, open, and honest. She is flexible in scheduling appointments. She listens to understand and not just to respond. I highly recommend Rebecca Stone." -Jessica in Leighton

For an appointment, call Shoals Family Therapy @ (256) 764-3007. If no one answers, please do leave a message. Our receptionist/office manager works until 4 pm most days, and leaves to get children during the day, but will promptly return your call as soon as she returns.